Little Italy, NYC

Situated in lower Manhattan and what was home to the largest population of Italians in New York City, Little Italy still holds a dozen of Italian restaurants key to feeding those who can't get enough of the traditional, rich, homestyle foods of the Italian cuisine. Among these key places, Caffe Palermo (148 Mulberry street) serves up fresh, creamy, sweet, giant cannoli desserts as well as other famous Italian desserts and delicacies such as cheesecake and tiramisu, where every bite is guaranteed by customers to be filled with delight. It is simply a perfect place for dessert after a nice pasta meal in Little Italy. Just be sure not to overeat the savory, and save room for the sweet. But if you started with Caffe Palermo, you wouldn't have to worry about ordering additional lunch items, when every treat satisfies fully and leaves you with a pleasant, "taste like more" finish. 

Baby John, the Cannoli King®, keeps up his reputation and the authenticity for his delightful creations, working on the desserts individually himself. Since 1973 Spring, he has been visited and getting stamps of approvals time and time again by celebrities across Hollywood such as Danny DeVito and Clint Eastwood to name a few. 

Treats can be delivered with mail order as well as online service, or you can enjoy the atmosphere of this quaint little place with servers enthused about their creations. 

From tourists to newly weds, every review, beyond sustaining consistent 4.5-5 star ratings reveals a story about how they came across this legendary cafe and learned the new meaning of Cannoli! 

"Every time I am in NYC I have to stop here for their cannoli! I've had cannoli from many different places and this is my favorite by far and best tasting!"- Mike Hunter.  

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